A Pesach message from David Sefton, MERCAZ-Canada President

Chag Sameach

As I write this tantalizingly close to Pesach, I want to wish our Board and all Members of MERCAZ-Canada and their families a Chag Kasher v'Sameach.

Our goal in 2017 remains what it was in 2016, to increase the membership in MERCAZ-Canada to levels that are parallel to the Orthodox and the Reform movements in order to grow our influence among the 20 WZO delegates allocated to Canada.

The membership committee chaired by Catherine Epstein is up and running and is in the process of formulating overall plans to increase membership while eliminating logistical impediments.

The programming committee chaired by Trudy Sassoon is about to evaluate programs with Zionist themes that resonate across all of Canada.

We want to continue to increase membership by penetrating deeper and deeper into each Canadian community (city) where Jews exist in reasonable numbers by providing services and knowledge that is of interest to Zionists within the Jewish Conservative family. I believe the cities outside of Toronto and Montreal are especially fertile lands for potential members to MERCAZ-Canada. We already have an advantage, our Board members reside across the country except for the Maritimes. I believe only a tiny effort is required to garner memberships from cities in which we are already established. Greater membership means more influence which translates into more money from the World Zionist Organization supporting programs Canadian Conservative Jews want to see.

For the first time our Executive Director Rabbi Jennifer Gorman is travelling west of Ontario. She has been invited by Congregation Beth Israel in Vancouver for the first weekend in May to address the community, update them on activities in Israel and in Toronto, raise interest and capture in a friendly way members for MERCAZ-Canada. May in Vancouver should be stunning. I look forward to seeing the results of this effort.

I shall keep you informed of our progress of Zionist inroads into Canadian Conservative Jewry.

Once again Chag Sameach. May your seders be lively and meaningful, and leave a sweet taste in your mouth to be remembered as we move into the spring and summer.

David Sefton
President, MERCAZ-Canada